Social aspects

Interacting with society in a responsible way is part of the corporate culture at New Yorker. The company has been involved in various projects to promote a sustainable and socially-oriented economy ever since it was founded. In addition to providing funds or donations in kind for cultural and sporting events, New Yorker also promotes and initiates social projects that primarily offer opportunities to young generations as well as provide quick and easy support to disadvantaged children and teenagers. New Yorker also provides emergency assistance without red tape in exceptional situations.


New Yorker against sandblasting technique

All suppliers are required to adhere to general safety rules in accordance with Art. 6 of the Purchasing Conditions and the Code of Conduct, particularly in terms of ensuring there is no danger to the health of their employees. Based on findings of current research, New Yorker does not use the sandblasting technique and has also instructed its suppliers not to use it. The ban on the use of sandblasting is applicable to all production countries. Adherence to the regulations is required of all suppliers and is checked during regular visits to the production locations by our buyers, as well as by the buying offices in the Far East and Turkey.

Immediate aid

In emergency situations, such as major earthquakes or floods, we are always ready to help at short notice, quickly and without red tape.

Help for children

Special focus is placed on projects in the local area: at New Yorker headquarters in the Braunschweig/Wolfsburg region, the company is involved with the United Kids Foundations, for example, an umbrella organisation of reputable foundations which all help socially disadvantaged children and teenagers.