While heading back into the office after a nice summer vacay, you must face the fact, that a Hawaiian shirt and shorts aren’t an appropriate choice of wardrobe anymore. We’ll show you the best office looks!
Summer is coming to an end and we are slowly getting used to dress up all businesslike again. The classic combination involves shirts, pants, jackets and ties. When your workplace is easying up on the dress code, it’s called “smart casual” or only “casual”. That means your outfit doesn’t have to be that formal and you can adopt a more “casual” look. Chino pants are great for that, because they go perfectly with a shirt and – if you like – a blazer. This season plaid pants are also a thing. Shirts are the business essential, but on colder days you can go for unicolored sweaters or cardigans as well. These work well because they bring a relaxed element to your office look without looking too underdressed. 

Let's be clear: The fact that the standards of office style have shifted doesn't mean they've disappeared entirely. You should still be dressing to send the right impression, it’s your workplace after all. That means no tennis socks (unless you’re working in a hip startup company), colorful and flashy socks in general and better avoid eye-catching patterns. If you’re not sure about your outfit, have a look around your workplace and check out what your colleagues and your boss are wearing. They might be even wearing sneakers, because casual kicks are increasingly becoming an acceptable way to show up to work. It’s up to you how you want to interpret it, but they have to be polished and clean.

Now with these styles, you definitely will be the “best dressed employee of the month”:

Published in September

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