Red is hot! This trend color is a red-hot must for the 2018 fall/winter season! We’ll show you how to style it right.
“Red Pear” and “Valiant Poppy” — these are the names of the two new trend tones from the red palette. While “Red Pear” is more of a Bordeaux red, “Valiant Poppy” is a bright and bold red. It takes a real feel for fashion to style this color right, since red is a real show-stopper. If not combined correctly, you’ll promptly get a red card. Red all-over should be attempted only by styling pros, because it is a tough look to get right. If you prefer to tone it down, opt for items in cream white, nude, or black to pair with your new red trend piece. You can also combine different shades of red, such as darker and brighter reds, to achieve a great, red-hot look.
Published September 2018 
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