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Stay safe!
Respiratory masks are in great demand these days – here we explain in simple steps how to make your own. If you choose the bandana variety, the mask can become really cool and trendy.
First of all, it's important to know that a homemade mask doesn't protect you from corona, but it can protect others from possible infection. Some people carry pathogens without any symptoms and could spread them unconsciously and unintentionally. Using the simple techniques we are about to explain, you can easily make your own mask – and you do not need any talent for sewing!

All you need is a bandana and two hair bands. It's best to lay the cloth as a square infront of you and fold the top and bottom edge to the middle. Repeat once more, so that you have an oblong, rectangular cloth. Now pass the outer sides through each hair tie, fold both outer sides towards the middle and pin the ends together. Then the mask can be attached behind the ears with the help of the hair bands. Have fun trying it out!

Important: Wash the cloth in the washing machine at least 60 degrees after each use. In the video you can take a closer look at the folding technique: 
Published in April

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