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Vitamin Sea incoming…
Life is better in a Bikini – our swimwear for warm summer days.
The summer will be as beautiful as you make it! Our most important essentials are quite simple:

Watermelon 🍉
Sunscreen ⛱
Good mood 🤗
Ice cream 🍦

And for all fashionistas who haven't found the perfect bikini yet - we got you!
From bright colors to hip camouflage patterns to neutral tones - there's something for everyone. All that's missing is your perfect vacation plan. Build a pool in your own garden, turn your balcony into a summer oasis or spend a day on a boat. Just relax and enjoy life with nothing but Good Friends - Good Times - Good Vibes! ☀

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase the items shown here due to the closure of Corona in some countries. Even more reason for us to look forward to welcoming you back to our stores soon!

Browse through our Swim collection at and find your dream bikini or get some summer inspiration here:
Published in May 2021
Products may not be available in all our stores