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When comfort calls... 📞
Cozy mornings - that's what we wish for. But in the end, the alarm clock literally rips us out of sleep, we rush through the day and from there we carry a small stress level with us through the whole day. That's over now. From now on, we take more time for ourselves, for the beautiful things and decelerate our morning for a much more relaxed and effective day.

Here are a few top tips to help you start your cozy morning relaxed and at ease.


Yes, it's hard, but: stay away from the snooze button. It's very important for your sleep hygiene, because you initiate a new sleep phase every time you snooze, which ultimately doesn't make it easier for you to get up. So it's better to sit up directly and start the new day with a smile. You should also leave your cell phone untouched for a while. After all, you can still scroll through the new NEW YORKER product highlights after breakfast. ;-)


To start the day well, body and soul need to be in harmony. So after you get up, take a moment for yourself, take a deep breath and think about what you want to achieve today. A glass of lukewarm water will cleanse your empty stomach. If you like, you can also get your circulation going with light exercise and stretching. This can be done either in your pajamas or in our comfortable soft bras and yoga leggings.


Every morning routine includes a fitcheck. Do you prepare your outfit the night before? Or do you ponder in front of your closet the next morning? However, so that you don't lose any time, we regularly present our favorite looks in this lifestyle magazine - click your way through! But today we're talking about the basics first: underwear. Our preformed wireless bras, for example, are so comfortable to wear and are suitable for every day.


For the records: drink plenty of water, stick to regular bedtimes, and: have Vitamin C! By the way the C stands symbolically for collagen, because vitamin C builds tissue, strengthens bones and teeth, and has antioxidant effects - a true all-rounder. That's why a freshly squeezed orange juice is a must for your breakfast. Other foods with high vitamin C content are strawberries, currants, lychee, grapefruit, mango, kiwi and of course lemons.


Some people invest a lot of time in their makeup, while others put more energy in hair styling. Whatever brings you joy, consciously take time for your beauty ritual and you will see how wholesome it can be. From now on, we will add this to our new morning routine and give self-care a special meaning. Because feeling beautiful and well-groomed can unleash new powers and with it, your day will be great, promise!

Created in September 2023. 
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