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All girls love their long hair - but let's face reality: When it comes to sports, the hair is just in the way! For making you not only shine with your outfit in the gym or on the sports field, but also with your hairstyle, we show you how you can easily tame your mane.


This hairstyle is called "crossed Dutch Braids" and is not only very practical to get your hair out of your face during training, but also absolutely suitable for new cool pictures to feed your Instagram account!


This is how it works:


Step 1: Divide the hair into four parts: From ear to ear and in the middle parting from the hairline to the neck. Tie the parts together with hair rubbers (or clips), so that they don't get in your way.


Step 2-7: Start to braid a Dutch braid with three strands in one of the upper parts, diagonally! In contrast to the French plait, the lateral hair strands are not placed over the middle two, but underneath. Then add a small strand for each weave step.


Important: This sporty braided hairstyle should fit snugly, so that strands do not come loose later and disturb your workout! It is best to keep your hands close to your head and your hairs not too loose when weaving.


Step 8: When you have finished with the first braid and can't take any more hair, braid a little bit further and then secure the whole with a hair tie.


Step 9: Now repeat this braiding process in the other upper area, keeping the diagonal line, so that the two upper braids run towards each other. Then also secure this plait at the middle of the back of the head with a hair tie and pin it briefly over the first plait with a clip, so that an "X" is formed.

Step 10-12: Continue braiding the first Dutch plait by adding strands of hair from the opposite lower area and securing it at the end with a hair tie.


Step 13-18: Do the same with the second plait and simply braid over the crossed first plait!



Tadaaaa! - The hair masterpiece is ready and you can fully concentrate on your workout!





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