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Event tip | MAYDAY in Poland „we stay different”

MAYDAY stays different. Pioneering the scene. For 19 years. At the centre: The music. The party. The ravers. Partying longer, partying harder, 14 hours nonstop. Only live is live! Only at MAYDAY do you get the full load of all the emotions and sensuous impressions.

All styles of Techno music. The main thing is that it's loud and a mind-blow. And the taste police stay outside.

Octave One, Dj Rush, Johannes Heil, Karotte, Kölsch, PetDuo, Speedy J, The Advent VS. Indystrialyzer …There’s one thing they all have in common: when they are doing their sets they want to look into your eyes, want to see you throwing your arms up in the air and shouting – live!

Uniformity is boring. Being different is where it's at. And so much is different at MAYDAY. Extreme systems, new styles, cool dudes. All with the same aim: having fun, partying, wild rave! There may be less glitter but the passion is so much stronger.

MAYDAY – is an appeal: don’t just be a listener, be actively involved.

Press the record button in your memory. You can’t photograph great moments – you can only live them. And store them in your mind and your heart so that you can recall them whenever you want for your entire life.

We stay different - stay with us!

When? 10.11.2018 - 6:00 pm - 8:00 am

Where? Spodek, Katowice

Get your ticket now at https://www.mayday.pl/ or at https://www.festicket.com/de/ !

You can also find more information on Facebook or Instagram!


Anetha (Paris), BLACK:STAR (Black Asteroid  vs. Lady Starlight) (New York), Diana d´Rouze b2b Carla Roca (Sopot/Poznań), DJ Rush (Chicago), Epi Centrum aka Jurek Przeździecki -live- (Warszawa), Friends of MAYDAY -live- (worldwide), I Hate Models (Paris), Johannes Heil -live- (Frankfurt), Karotte (Frankfurt), Keith Carnal (Amsterdam), Kölsch (Copenhagen), Luigi Madonna (Neapel), Michał Jabłonski (Warszawa), Octave One -live- (Detroit), PETDuo (São Paulo), Remco Beekwilder (Rosmalen), Siasia & JRoth (Katowice/Warszawa), Speedy J (Rotterdam), The Advent vs. Industrialyzer -live- (London/Amsterdam)


Published in October 2018

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