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A Fisherman‘s best Friend
The Bucket Hat - your new companion through late summer
Bucket hats are no longer just the typical fishing accessory. Rather, they add that certain something to a basic look and are more in vogue than ever before. So popular, in fact, that they were bought 750 percent more often than last year. If the cool headgear hasn't found its way into your closet yet, it's high time it did!

In fact, bucket hats are not only fashionable, but also super practical and will help you get through the last days of summer without risking sunburn. By the way, you can also perfectly use the casual vibes of the hat to combine it with a casual look. Do you like it sporty? Then wear your new companion with a cool sweat jacket and casual cargo pants.  The color of the hat should definitely be coordinated with the rest of the outfit. Whether classic in black, as it was the case in the 90s, or colorful with wild patterns - the trendy bucket hat is available in almost any color and so there is something for everyone! 
Try through and find out which design not only fits your style, but also your character!

Published in September 2021
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