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It-Piece: Jacket!
We brought you a small selection, thank us later! 😜
It's no secret, on colder days, the well-being of each individual depends on the right jacket! So many factors to consider first. Can you move well in it, does it match the color of my other clothes and so on...Finding THE jacket is not always that easy... Until now! We have brought you our coolest it-pieces in one glance, which will keep you wrapped up through the next season! ✌

Perfect for the first cooler days of autumn, but not too thick to sweat. The transitional jacket is simply unbeatable. Combine it easily with a casual hoodie or even with a cool statement t-shirt. 

And if it's too cold, just grab a thick puffer jacket or the all-time favorite, the bomber jacket. You'll be right on trend! Thick lining and fluffy collars keep you warm and make you look incredibly stylish.  
Published in October 2021
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