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Shoe Matrix
Life is too short to wear boring shoes!
Spending a Day at the Pool

A day at the pool is a great opportunity to escape from everyday life. The choice of shoes is of course essential, after all, they should be slip-resistant and comfortable. Our selection for your pool day offers even more: With the stylish pool slides in a bright orange you get a real eye-catcher.


Need to take the dog out for a quick walk before your date? To create a quick and hip look, platform loafers are ideal. They are quick to put on and take off, look good and are also comfortable to wear. So nothing stands in the way of a walk with your bestie on four paws.

Beach Party

In summer, the long-awaited beach parties are finally back! Your outfit is ready, but the choice of shoes is giving you a headache - after all, you don't want to trip while dancing in the sand. We got you! Sandals with gold details underline your outfit with an elegant touch and are still light on your feet. They're perfect for dancing on the beach, too. 

Iced Coffee Dates

Spring fever is in the air and you have a date coming up soon? For a great first impression, try our colorful two-piece with color accents to show off your trendiness. To round off the look, pink heeled sandals are perfect. They underline the playful outfit and make for an absolute eye-catcher. Plus, they're at least as cute as your Iced Coffee (and hopefully your date 😉). 

Business Vibe

For our business girlies running from meeting to meeting, choosing shoes is especially difficult. Elegant and comfortable? Often a rarity. But the choice of heels is key. Black sandals are timeless, elegant, and score big points for their small block heels, which allow you to keep walking to the after-work party even after eight hours in the office - and without blisters. 

Rooftop Cocktail Party

Are you ready to shine with style and elegance at the next rooftop cocktail party this summer? Then check out this stunning black heeled sandal with plush details! This adorable footwear will definitely catch everyone's eye and take your look to a whole new level. 

BBQ Dinner at your Friend’s House

You're invited to a dinner at your friend's house and you don't want the BBQ to be the only thing in the evening that looks spicy. Then wear a red eye catcher shoe to become the center of attention of the evening. Matching your colorful two-piece, this shoe perfectly highlights your outfit and finishes it off elegantly.

Wedding Guest

It's time to add a dash of elegance and sophistication to your Wedding Guest look - and this sheer heeled sandal will do just that! With its sheer design and stylish heel details, it's the perfect footwear to complete your look and leave a lasting impression.

Published in April 2023 
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