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Escape with me
Kaliméra ☀

I look into the distance and see the sun glistening on the turquoise sea. In front of me, the waves crash against the rocks, one after the other. The sound is indescribable and evokes childhood memories in me. It is still early and apart from the sound of the rushing waves and the chirping of the cicadas, nothing can be heard. The sun shines on my face and I feel a wonderful warmth while sitting on the balcony and enjoying my first coffee - my morning ritual. "Life can be so beautiful," I think. Traveling together with Sophia to the small Greek island called Paros feels almost magical. Two weeks of nothing but relaxation, good food and hours of conversation with my best friend - I can hardly believe my luck. And all this in this beautiful spot in the world.

Greece has always been my dream. The picturesque alleys with the white houses and lots of flowers, the lonely bays and the crystal clear water that exude an inexplicable magic. Now that I'm finally here, my enthusiasm is even greater. The people here are so friendly! They just seem content and radiate so much serenity that is contagious. 

We like to spend the days by the sea - whether sunbathing, snorkeling or like yesterday on a little boat trip - the island is just perfect for sun worshippers like me. Good thing I stocked up on lots of new bikinis beforehand. And since you don't need much more here, I finally had no excess baggage at the airport! I love the combination of white and blue - perfect for Greece. Bright colors also robbed my heart this summer. They conjure up an UNBELIEVABLE appearance! 

Keep an eye out in the next few weeks to see more of this magical place. I'll take you to Paros and share my ultimate Greece tips with you - both here and on Instagram at @newyorkeronline.

Now, it's time for breakfast. Keep you updated!

See you very soon, yours Olivia 💙

Published in July 2022 
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