Tie-dye has made a big comeback this year. The trend is holding on while we are turning into autumn season. In case you haven’t given in to this trend yet, I’t about time to “dye” in now!
The legendary Woodstock-Festival took place 50 years ago, but its style spirit is still among us! The iconic shirt of the hippie generation is hotter than ever. It’s nostalgic, cool and kind of cute - and we all love that. The 90’s already brought the tie-dye trend back into fashion and as we cannot deny our love for everything that comes from the 90’s, we’re happy it’s back again. The playful print has now trickled down from the catwalks straight into our wardrobes. Whether you want to fully embrace the vibrant pattern or give it a subtle sartorial nod, it is important that your new trendy batik piece gets full attention. So better choose a classic combination, for example neutralise a tie-dye top by pairing it with dark colors or pastel shades. If you like diving into trends headfirst, why not try an entire tie-dye outfit. So give in and dive into the coolest throwback fashion trend of the season! Here are some adorable pieces that will definitely convince you:

Published in August

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