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Keep calm and wear gorgeous lingerie
In summer, not only the temperatures at the Playas of Mallorca are hot! In our Mallorca editorial we have put together our favorite lingerie pieces for you. Let Birgit inspire you and find your own feel-good underwear with a very special charm. 💜


Wake up to the first light of the sun, snuggle back into bed for breakfast, and listen to your favorite music on continuous play. Is there a better way to start the day? To make sure you feel as comfortable as possible on your slow morning, leave your everyday clothes in your closet and put on your favorite lingerie. Sheer fabrics and playful stitchery look super cute and are guaranteed to make you want to wear nothing.


Time for Self-Care! It is important that we take enough time for ourselves and our mental health. So how about an extensive care routine and a warm shower? Afterwards, quickly hop into your new fave underwear: the well-fitting panties and cozy bra not only look girly, but also classy and playful because of the white lace. Who can resist the magic of tender lace?


Fashionistas love minimalist designs, so how about soft colors and playful bows? Our lingerie set in soft pink is perfect for starting your day with some yoga. It hugs your buzzer body like a second skin, so you'll feel comfortable in any position and everything will stay where you want it. Perfect for those who like to start the day sporty and ready for any adventure.

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Published in June 2023
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