Give a girl the right outfit and she can conquer the world – This trend will make you a Supergirl!
"Who run the world? Girls!" - the iconic words of power woman Beyoncé. However, not only songs can put us girls in the mood to conquer the world. The right outfit is often a key element towards increasing confidence in stressful situations such as a presentation at school or a job interview! Perhaps you can understand the feeling when your outfit just does not look or feel right? Do not fear! The tables turn with this current trend: "Power Dressing".

Originally, conservative outfits which consisted of a blazer and blouse were intended to ensure that a businesswoman would be on an equal footing with her male colleagues. Now the style is coming back and, when combined with a crop top and torn jeans it can be worn in your everyday life. A neutral colour provides the necessary elegance whilst maintaining a sexy, confident appearance.  

Try it out and feel strong with our power outfit! #girlpower

Published in January

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