You can never have enough sunglasses. In case you wanna expand your collection, get yourself a little trend update about the hottest shapes!
Shield, micro or flat top are the secret words when it comes to sunglasses this season. Don’t worry if you’re a bit confused right now, because you have no idea what we are talking about. Here is the answer: shield or visor sunglasses seem to be the most favorite accessories for celebrities these days. Wearing the bold shades with the large lenses that hide your eyes and your bridge of the nose completely gives everyone the look of a celebrity who is hiding from the paparazzi. If you appreciate the 90ies look, you are certainly familiar with micro shades. The 90s revival is real, now sunglasses are the newest thing to be touched by the retro wave and the micro-shade sunnies are everywhere now. Their signature feature are very small glasses, whether oval or angular shaped. Another trend to show up on sunglasses is a flat top; the top part of the eye wires is perfectly straight. Cat eye sunglasses are still a thing, now only a bit smaller and sometimes with cutouts or ornaments on the sides. 
Published in July

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