Every year, March 8 marks the International Women’s Day. We think that one day is not enough to recognize them. This year we are going to celebrate strong women a whole month!
Who is the most impressive woman you know? Maybe your mother, your colleague or your best friend? We’ve asked you to tell us your story to get the chance of winning a shopping day at NEW YORKER for you and your empowered woman! We’ve already raffled four winners, who get a NEW YORKER shopping voucher worth 2 x 200 €. Every week we’ll present a winner story, here is the first one:


Romina from Croatia is the very first winner of our WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN-campaign celebrating international Women’s Day 2019! Here’s her story.

Romina doesn‘t have to give much thought to the question, who is the most impressive woman in her life. It’s her mom! Their connection is very strong, especially since the family has been living in Italy some time ago. In Romina’s opinion, her mother is a real superwoman, because she is always there for her. Even after a long and stressful day, she takes the time to listen to Romina and give her advice when she has any problems. She is already looking forward to have kids of her own, so she can show them what a great grandma they have. Because her mother has taught her, that you always have to respect and love yourself. That made Romina into such a strong woman she is today, just as her mother is!

We wish them both a great shopping day at NEW YORKER!

Published March 2019