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A declaration of love for our lingerie 💌
Sophisticated pieces. Seductive sets. Lace details. And all the fabrics that flatter your skin. Underwear is both expression and poetry. And it tells a story.  

Our Storie d'amorie, that is decorated with special highlights from our new lingerie collection.


Our story is set on Lake Como in Lombardy, a region in the north of Italy. On a cool morning, Daphne opens the window and lets in the first sunrays. A sudden dream is still in the air, reflected in the satin of the nightwear. A new day is always the beginning of a story, which tomorrow is already only a memory. 


The house, the view, the sounds, the wardrobe. Today you soak up everything consciously. Being aware of your environment and your own impact, however, is not always useful. After all, the most beautiful flower shines most beautifully in restraint and from an innocent distance. A shy look, a shy smile. Hair falling into the face. Why is this moment not permanent?


Hours pass. The old house with its many rooms breathes deeply in and out. What stories are hidden in the old walls? Daphne slowly walks down the hallway and lets her eyes wander. The afternoon is looming. Wherever this story takes us, be strong, confident, and go with your intuition. Do you feel what you say? Do you say what you feel? 


It's dawn and it‘s time to find out the destination of our journey. Your heart beats faster and faster. Should you wear your hair down? Or do you prefer it to be up? Does that even matter? It's almost time. The clock is ticking. Why is this moment taking so long?


Is this destiny? An unanswered call. A blink of an eye. Seconds pass, minutes, hours, days. We are in the same room. A quick breath. Our hands touch. The clock ticks. And then? We don't know. After all, what would a good story be without an open end?

Created in September 2023. 
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