You don’t need to fly halfway around the world to get holiday vibes. Thanks to the Hawaiian shirt, you get them everywhere!
The Hawaiian-print shirt is a real classic for men. This summer it’s making a resounding fashion comeback, along with the bowling shirt. One might think flowery shirts are only for tourists, while wearing a sunhat and carrying a camera around the neck. Well, those days are finally over! It’s about time we show you how stylish this iconic piece of fashion can be. You only need to choose your outfit wisely, if not you’re in danger of really looking like a lost tourist on the way to the next sightseeing tour. You can’t go wrong with jeans or classic chino pants. If you prefer it to be more sophisticated then it’s even alright to combine your Hawaiian shirt with a suit in natural colors like beige or camel. As your shirt is the highlight of your outfit, keep the rest unicolored and simple. Also, note the following: Never ever tuck in your tropical eye-catcher and only choose a loose fit. Well, great, nothing can go wrong then…the result is fun, trendy, and a reminder it's time to dip into your vacation days – ALOHA!

Published June 2019

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