Trend accessory Scrunchie - 5 simple hairstyles with XXL hair band
Two years ago we were all surprised about the return of the 90s scrunchie. In the meantime, the XXL hair bands have long become our constant companions. No matter if worn in a bun, with a ponytail or in a half bun - Scrunchies pimp every hairstyle. Here we show you the most beautiful styling variations.
Velvet, satin, animal-print, plain or dotted – there are endless options for scrunchies. In fact, the pretty braided rubbers are not only a beautiful trend accessory, but - similar to spiral hair ties – are also good for the hair. Scrunchies are usually styled loosely and there are no metal parts on them that can damage the hair. They provide a lovely alternative to the dull usual hair tie. 

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Scrunchie in Messy Bun

A scrunchie provides a stylish flare to a little bun and makes it look less messy. In this situation, it is best to use a large scrunchie, pull the hair together into a bun and put it to the hair knot and tie - finished! If you want you can pull out a few individual strands of hair.
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Scrunchie and High Ponytail

Scrunchies also give a simple ponytail a special touch. They are especially trendy in a high ponytail. It is best to tie a normal ponytail tightly with a thin hair tie. Then pull the scrunchie over it and you have the trendy look.
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Scrunchie and Low Bun

In a low bun style the scrunchie will even look elegant! Choose a hair band in a classy style - like velvet or satin - and part your hair in the middle. Then comb the lengths back with a little gel and fix it in a deep ponytail - preferably with a thin hair tie. Then twist the whole thing into place and fix it in a bun with another hair tie. Only then does the scrunchie come into play and functions here exclusively as decoration. Just wrap it twice around the bun and make sure that everything is firmly fixed, and secure the hairstyle with extra hairpins.
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Scrunchie and Half-Up Hair

Half hair is a replacement for the Half Bun. However it is still quite similar to its predecessor. The only difference: Half the braid is not worn with the bun, but is left open like a ponytail. Again, the scrunchie is a simple as well as a cool way to give a simple summer hairstyle that certain something. To do this, simply separate half of the hair on the top of the head and shape it into a neat ponytail with a brush. If you like it a bit tighter, first put a small hair tie around the ponytail and then wrap the scrunchie around the ponytail again for decoration. If you like it more loose, just use the scrunchie to fix the braid and then pluck some strands from the half braid.
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Scrunchie and low ponytail

If there is no time at all, the low ponytail is suitable perfectly. Simply pull the hair together at the base of the neck and loosely tie together with a Scrunchie. The trendy hair band ensures that the virtually unstyled look is still pretty and comfortable to wear.