Peaches are stress killers - and have even more advantages
There are many reasons to grab a peach now, especially before the season ends in September. Fruits with stones contain numerous valuable ingredients, which benefit our health in many ways. Would you have thought that peaches could have stress-relieving qualities?
Peaches look appetizing and smell like summer. Most fruit lovers will probably confirm that they are extremely delicious. Since peaches contain many valuable ingredients, one should not hesitate to eat them more often. Particularly in stressful times.

 Peaches can help in dealing with stress.
"The B Vitamins (including Niacin), contained in peaches, can have a positive effect on the body as does Magnesium and Potassium. Certified Nutritionist Beke Enderstein explains this. "This helps the body to cope better with stress. One can call peaches, so to speak a nerve treatment.”

Antioxidants and other valuable ingredients. 
The so-called micro-nutrients are even more powerful. The combination of immune boosting ingredients such as Selenium, Zinc and the Vitamin Blend-ACE protect against oxidative stress on a cellular level.
The anti-oxidant carotenoids, to which peaches owe their characteristic colour, protect our skin from pathological mutations and thus, to a certain extent from malignant changes. From the "cell protection trio"; Vitamin A, Vitamin C and E our skin benefits, says Enderstein. Because: Less damage to the cells, less wrinkles. 

Peaches for healthy eyes
Another powerful trio is relevant here. The combination of ProVitamin A, Lutein and Zeaxanthin is said to support eye health. It has been discussed that the combination of Vitamin C and Lutein possibly reduces danger for the eye disease cataracts, informs the Expert.

Saturation through dietary fibre
Also peaches contain the minerals Magnesium (important for the muscles and the entire cardio-vascular system) and Potassium (contributes towards the solid function of the nerves, muscles and cells). "A medium sized peach contains c.300 mg of Potassium," quotes nutrition expert and author of The 50 Best and 50 Most Dangerous Foods, Sven David Müller. "This is perfect in the summer, since we loose a lot of potassium through sweating.” The abundance of potassium also, according to Müller, help against high blood pressure.

Peaches can support a diet
Furthermore, nutrition expert Enderstein praises the “nourishing fibres found in the fruit flesh.” Through this, peaches can perfectly support a diet. Müller recommends consuming the fruit together with the skin, since it remains particularly rich in fibre. However please remember to wash the fruit thoroughly before consumption.

Extremely low-calorie "slimmers
"100 grams of peach contains at the moment once 40 kilocalories,” states food expert Müller. Consequently, he refers to the fruit as the "slim maker”. If you are a bit hungry this is clearly the better choice when given higher calorie alternatives. This is also due to their high water content, which fills you up whilst being refreshing.

Everything edible - down to the core
The stone has to be thrown away or alternatively planted in the garden. The peach stone contains Hydogen Cyanide, which is poisonous in large quantities. If it breaks when the fruit is cut open: Please remove the core carefully before eating the peach.