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NEW YORKERS Ladenbaudesign
Once the right store has been found, it's time for the interior design. We have our professionals for this, too! The store design at NEW YORKER combines strategy and design and ensures that our customers feel completely comfortable during their shopping trip.
We talked to Natascha Heinrichs, engineer and head of the NEW YORKER planning department. Here you can find out what is important in our store design:

1. Can you briefly explain what the shopfitting system at NEW YORKER comprises? 
The current NY03 shopfitting system, which we have been using since the end of 2016, consists of the wall and mid-space furniture, cash registers and booths, the light earthy color scheme, the cement floor look, and the associated lighting in black and chrome. 
The mirror-polished entrances, the style of furniture arrangement, the presentation of goods, the look of the wayfinding systems and the motifs of our light boxes complete the atmosphere.
We design walls with New York City motifs and increasingly use open ceilings with power rails, which we also use as a space-creating element. 

2. What differentiates NEW YORKER's store design system from other textile retail companies?
We don't look specifically at what others are doing, so we don't copy. We look at color             and material trends and incorporate our long experience, so we go our own          successful way. Many elements of the store concept, such as the stocking, mid-room furniture and wall shelves, have been mature for decades and have been constantly improved and modified for the new concept. We did not start the development of NY03 "from scratch."    
New Yorker attaches importance to a high density of goods, the corporate design should be readable in every store, customers should be able to find their way around easily, rollers on the goods carriers facilitate the seasonal conversion of the area for sales, we pay attention to durable materials and energy-saving technology.  

3. Who develops a new shopfitting system and how does this process work?
Since the NY01 system (2008), New Yorker has been developing new shopfitting systems internally. You won't find our furniture in any manufacturer's catalog and we also helped develop some of our lighting ourselves.  
The planning department collects wishes from the management, experiences from the sales department and experiences/wishes from the merchandising department and uses these findings to develop a concept. We coordinate with other departments (e.g. merchandising, marketing and decoration), sample materials, produce prototypes with manufacturers, the materials management department negotiates prices and looks for suppliers until finally a test store is created, which is then approved by the management.  Only slight modifications were made to the current concept after the opening of the test store in Erfurt Anger. 
In the end, merchandising is again heavily involved to optimize the presentation of goods for the new store design system.  

4. How can the current shopfitting system be characterized and what features does it have?
Very light and natural colors dominate. It allows the merchandise to take precedence, is its presentation surface, restrains itself discreetly but with style, and is very clean and reduced in its language of form and color.
We have reduced the amount of plasterboard -not only- to save costs and reduced the amount of different furniture and lighting types and standardized parts, such as the size of the light boxes, to make the system leaner and produce less "long runners" and ultimately become cheaper. This works very well because it allows materials management to have large quantities produced more cheaply and also takes the pressure off on-site construction work in the stores. The merchandise supports are optimized for the established NEW YORKER merchandise presentations and can be combined excellently, so that the planners in the planning department and the merchandising department can easily play with any type of floor plan in a store. 
In short: discreet, very economical, stylish, infinitely combinable, durable, lighting energy-saving LED, unisex, modular...
5. Are there factors that determine which store design system is installed in which store (ABC stores, location, etc.)?
All new buildings, without exception, are fitted with the new NY03 concept. In A stores, we sometimes supplement the NY03 system with special furniture and light artworks.
In the case of extensions, conversions and renovations, budget, location, lease term and the scope of the planned construction work all have an influence. The management, in cooperation with the construction department, decides on the basis of these factors which store fitting system is to be used in the respective store before the start of planning. During renovations and conversions of existing stores, additions with elements from the NY03 concept are often integrated into the existing concept.