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News from Down under: Amy Shark in the NEW YORKER News Interview!
In Australia the Indie-Pop-artist Amy Shark, who for many years had a day job besides music, caused a sensation in 2016 with her single "Adore". After going platinum several times she quickly became one of the most popular songwriters in Australia. Her subsequent debut album "Love Monster" won four Australian music awards in 2018 and was nominated for five more - and was also the best-selling album of 2018 by an Australian artist in Australia. Two years after "Love Monster" Amy Shark is back with new music. The single "Everybody Rise" is the forerunner of her new album, which will be released in autumn. We have an interview with the likeable Australian here.
What inspired you to write your new song "Everybody Rise"?
I never really know what i'm going to write, it's never a planned thing. I find some pretty chords and then I just see what comes out.  I turn to the topic of unrequited love often as I think it's a universal language and obviously a feeling that has stuck in my subconscious. 

Australia is a popular work-and-travel country. World famous are the Great Barrier Reef, Mount Uluru in the outback and the opera in Sydney. Where do you go as a local?
I have recently just moved to Sydney and I try to walk  to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house everyday. It never gets old. I'm very lucky to live in such a pretty country 

Your stage name is "Shark", inspired by „Jaws", which is reportedly one of your favourite films. Are you a fan of thrillers? Which movies or series are you watching right now?
I used to LOVE horror movies and thrillers but I'm a bit soft these days (lol).  I'm currently addicted to crime docos and podcasts. Right now i'm watching Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix
Was hat dich zuletzt wirklich bewegt?
There are so many things happening in the world right now that move me.  My home country has been destroyed by bushfires and now the pandemic it's been a very hard year but i see people making sacrifices and doing random acts of kindness all the time so that definitely moves me and keeps me motivated.
Auf was können wir in diesem Jahr noch gespannt sein?

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