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Expansion at NEW YORKER
NEW YORKER is steadily expanding as an international fashion company and has already gained a foothold in 46 countries. After the franchise area was examined in the last employee newsletter, it is now time to discuss exactly how the expansion is taking place. The NEW YORKER News Team spoke to Expansion Manager Thorsten Meyer about the subject. In the interview with him, you can find out all the interesting facts about NEW YORKER's world conquest.
Can you briefly explain what NEW YORKER's expansion department takes care of?
We take care of the expansion and optimization of our branch network, as well as the contracts of the existing stores. 
What is the size of the smallest and largest NEW YORKER branches and where are they located?
The smallest branch with 171 m² is located in Güstrow, Germany. It opened in 1990, when we still had a much smaller assortment. We have the two largest branches in Hanover and Brunswick, each with 2,800 m² of sales area. 
What factors are decisive in finding the right property for a store?
Size, layout and visibility of the property, but also in particular the location, measured in terms of customer frequency and the retail environment. 
Are there any significant changes visible with regard to the rising vacancy rate in city centers? 
Unfortunately, the changes have been visible for years and are now, of course, even more evident due to Corona. What was first noticeable in small and medium-sized cities can now be seen in many large cities such as Hamburg and Cologne.  However, cities that have been careful in the past not to create too much retail space have not been affected as much yet. 
What are the biggest hurdles in the search for the right property and what do you have to bear in mind?
It's like shopping - the size has to be right and unlike us in the store, there isn't a building in every city with a space that fits us. In the meantime, we need a certain minimum size for new leases in order to be able to display our complete product range in a reasonable way.
Can you list the steps to consider when looking for a suitable property? 
If the factors already mentioned are correct, then of course the structural and economic examination must still take place. Finally, there is the negotiation with the property owner and hopeful the signing of the lease. 
Where do you see NEW YORKER's expansion in the next 5-10 years?
Our ambition will always be to be present in the prime locations and best shopping centers - and to do so with stores where the customer has a special shopping experience.