4 errors that should be avoided when setting up a fan
In the summer months, when your apartment is unbearably hot, a fan brings some relief. But only if you set it up correctly.
A fan is a practical investment for the summer. However, it is only really effective if you take certain factors into account such as; at which position in your room does it stand the best? Should the windows be opened or closed? How your room cools down when using a fan and what are common errors when setting it up.

1. Mistake: when the warm air comes inside because of the fan
If it is hotter outside than inside, then we obviously want the heat to stay outside. There is then no point in turning on your fan with the window open. If it stands besides on the windowsill, it blows the warm air directly into the room. A cooling effect does therefore not occur. If the temperature is the same inside and outside, a cold air breeze provides for a small refreshment.

Tip: In hot weather it is best to close all windows and balconies and draw your curtains in your apartment. Thus, no warm air gets in.

2. Mistake: wrong location for the fan.
In each apartment or house there are rooms which are cooler than others. Usually the warmer areas are on the Southside. If you set up a fan on the sunny side, your room will then cool down? No it won’t!

Tip: Place the fan in the shady part of your home or in a cool inner courtyard, the cooler air can then be transported from there through an open window to the inside.

3. Mistake: air layers in the room do not mix
Warm air rises to the top, cool air remains at the bottom. It is therefore worthwhile to place the fan on the floor - and angled towards the top. In this way, the air layers are circulated, which provides an nice cooler atmosphere. 

Tip: For a particular cooling effect, it can be worthwhile filling a bowl with water and ice cubes and placing it in front of the fan. This cools the outflowing air. Even a damp cloth hanging over the back of a chair in front of the fan can achieve the desired effect. Also, since heat rises the dampness in the air will dry out, which can kill the mould.

4. Mistake: start the fan overnight
Even if it seems enticing to let the fan run overnight, one should refrain from doing so – for your health. The reason for this is the air can quickly cool down at night. In addition dust will be circulated, which when inhaled in sleep can be dangerous for those with asthma and allergies.

Extra tip: Set up two fans
With two fans, you can make use of dual airflow. It works the most with a balcony door in the evening. The two-fan solution can operate overnight, as long as it is not located in the bedroom. We recommend the following:

Put on a fan on the ground in front of a balcony door. This will point inwards and blow the cooler evening air into the room. The second fan is set up higher than the first, on a chair or a shelf in close proximity to the door. The warm air in the room that rises to the ceiling is then pushed out by the second fan. This principle can also be applied with two facing windows. One fan the directs the cool air inwards, with the other fan blowing the warm outwards. However for this you would need a strong fan.