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Winter Outfits
Snowy Season by Night
As the windows are lightly frosted at night, and the stars twinkle in the dark sky like diamonds, you stand in front of your wardrobe choosing your outfit for the upcoming adventure. Taking your first steps into the silent darkness, you anticipate witnessing the Northern Lights dance across the sky. Lapland is renowned for this breathtaking natural spectacle, also known as the Aurora borealis. When the sun emits strong charges of electric particles, they travel through space. Some particles reach Earth, are directed towards the poles, and illuminate the air particles there. This creates green, yellow, red, and blue lights that brighten the night and enchant people. Come with us on a journey through snowy landscapes, frosty nights and the fashionable magic of winter.


Whether snowshoeing, snowboarding, or skiing, Lapland offers a variety of activities that draw you into the enchanting spell of winter. Before returning to your cozy cabin, where your hands begin to tingle with warmth, you embark on a snowy adventure. Determined to explore the cool world, you put on cozy earmuffs and gloves, wrap a scarf around you, and don a winter jacket and warm boots. The blanket of snow becomes the backdrop for your bright winter outfit as you move through the mysterious forests. Amid snowflakes, ice crystals, and hot drinks, you find the perfect balance between exciting adventures, quiet moments, and stylish winter looks.


As the sky turns dark blue, and the first stars become visible, you opt for a unique and unforgettable adventure: a snowmobile ride through the mystical winter landscape. Twilight bathes the forests in mysterious colors, while the snowmobile lights provide clear visibility. A ski mask protects you from snowflakes and swirling ice crystals. This allows you to enjoy the view as you stand out from the Arctic nature with your dark clothing. Turtleneck, sweatshirt, and vest: the layered look combines functionality and style for your adventurous ride. Thus, you create unforgettable memories of the time between day and night with a touch of fashionable magic. 


The snow cover glistens in the silvery, dim light of the moon, and time seems to stand still. The rustling of the trees in the wind and the soft crunch of the snow under your warm boots break the silence beneath the sparkling stars. The radiant colors of your vest create a enchanting contrast to the white winter landscape. Wrapped in a cozy balaclava, you can continue your walk through the clear night and fully immerse yourself in the cool nature of Lapland. 


After a magical adventure full of fashionable highlights, you return to your cabin in the enchanted landscape. Lost in excitement, you now see how your cold breath traces the air. The snow-covered forest path becomes your runway as you showcase the latest metallic trends in your chunky knit sweater and silver pants. Your white hat, white boots, and light coat envelop you in cool glamour, making you part of the enchanting winter fairy tale.

Turn winter into a fashionable adventure and let yourself be inspired by our new collection.

Created in December 2023
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