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Kaliméra ☀

This week, some variety was on the program. As much as we appreciate the peace and seclusion in Paros – we were also craving some action. Jorges, the waiter of our favorite restaurant, had been persuading us to try a diving trip for a couple of days. He is a diving instructor here on the island and wanted to show us his favorite spot. So we took a chance and booked a tour to the neighboring island of Antiparos with its famous Blue Lagoon. And what can I say? Jorges was right! I have never seen anything like it: the crystal clear water shimmered in the most beautiful emerald tones and there were an incredible amount of hidden sea caves to explore. I am so happy to have ventured there and can only recommend it to you! So if you are ever in the Cyclades islands, make sure you go diving. When do you have the opportunity to dive into such a scenery! 

On the weekend I had prepared a surprise for Sophia. Paros is a perfect starting point for island hopping. So I secretly got us a ferry pass and guided Sophia to the port in the morning under a pretext. The look on her face when she saw the big ferry was indescribable! It is so much fun to bring joy to others. We headed first to Naxos then Mykonos, and the next day we went to Serifos via Antiparos. Each island had something very special about it and charmed us in their own way. Ferry hopping is just the perfect way to get a panoramic view of all the islands in the Cyclades. You can reach so many great destinations from here - including the Small Cyclades and even famous islands like Santorini or Crete. We are already thinking about where else we might go. 

Today, however, it is time for another highlight about Paros. Since our first day here on the island, we were captivated by the beautiful sunsets. Therefore, we try to experience as many of them possible at different locations. So far we found the lighthouse in Korakas and Parasporos beach the best. Today we want to go to the monastery of St. Anthony in the interior of the island, from there the view is supposed to be breathtaking! For me, sunsets are also always a crowning conclusion of each day. You come to rest and the warm colors radiate warmth and security. I like to review the previous hours and take a deep breath. And simply enjoy the moment.

Stay tuned to see what else awaits us in the last week of our trip.... 

Good night, your Olivia 💙
Published in July 2022 
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