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Accessories for the holidays
Sparkling through the night
Glamorous days are ahead, and is your festive look not quite complete yet? With the right accessories, an everyday outfit transforms into a real showstopper. The word "accessory" comes from French, meaning "secondary" or "accessory." However, in the world of fashion, accessories are anything but secondary. With every sparkling detail, you can create your individual look and make a statement. Join us and immerse yourself in the world of our sparkling accessories.


As far back as the 18th century, leaded glass was cut into sparkling rhinestones to add a special touch to outfits. Bags, chains, earrings, and more – accessories with rhinestones give your look that extra flair. An all-black look forms the perfect canvas to play with sparkling details. You can crown your party outfit with the timeless glamour of a Blair Waldorf headband. The world of accessories offers a limitless selection to emphasize your personality.


Accessories are the styling heroes that elevate our looks to a new level. While stockings have been known for many centuries, it wasn't until the early 20th century that pantyhose had their breakthrough. In 2023, they come in diverse variants, making them the latest trend. Whether you opt for an exciting look with rhinestone-adorned pantyhose as a highlight or a simple top with a glitter edge – with the help of small details, basics become highlights. Festive glitter high heels are a wow finish for any outfit. Make the party nights unforgettable and add a bit of magic to your wardrobe.


Your hair is now the focal point! Metal threads used to adorn hair date back to ancient Egypt. Silver threads outline the hair, making you shine. Because accessories are the small details that make a big difference. They play a crucial role in giving an outfit the finishing touch. An elegant body chain or stylish hair accessory adds that extra something to a festive outfit. These small but impactful details make every look shine.

Be inspired and make fashion statements with our accessories.

Created in December 2023. 
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