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New York, New Me
Hey Upper East Siders, gossip girl here! 📸
I have big news for you! One of my sources has just told me that Serena van der Woodsen is back in New York City. Which city is more suitable for a fashion comeback than one of the leading fashion capitals in the world? "Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway” is known to be the motto of all fashionistas. You don't believe me? See for yourself! 
Spotted in Brooklyn: Rumor has it Upper East Side It-girl Serena is dating "Lonely Boy" Dan Humphrey. Is this really a perfect match? Many of my readers aren't so sure. Her look, on the other hand, is definitely perfect! In a black and white classy bouclé set, she causes quite a stir in the morning on her way to family brunch. She finishes off the outfit with a pair of trendy loafers and frilly socks. We’re not used to such a well-behaved look from you, S. Maybe she copied it from her bestie Blair Waldorf, aka "Queen B"? 

In the afternoon, she impresses everyone again on 5th Avenue in a two-piece pink outfit (like the rose-colored glasses she would wear if she actually dated Lonely Boy). With her blonde hair enhanced by a pink Barrett cap and with a shopping bag in her hand, nothing can stop her from maxing out her credit card.  

9 to 5 chic(k)? Fresh back from, quote, "boarding school," ex-party girl Serena van der Woodsen tries the business look. Will this look change get her into Brown University? Or maybe to Yale after all? We remain curious. But, the fact is that she is once again living up to her reputation as a trendsetter. 

The tailored look not only conquered the runways of the Fall/Winter 2022/23 shows, but probably also Serena's heart as she appreciated the trends from her front row seat at New York Fashion Week. The casually elegant "9 to 5 chic" look includes suits, fitted and oversized blazers, miniskirts and ties. Combined with edgy pieces, like leather shorts, it makes the style suitable for everyday wear. 

Upper East Siders, it's up to you! Is there anything that screams New York City more than a (faux) leather look? For “S” definitely not and so, she shows you two different styles. With a colorful bomber jacket and a matching cap, she creates an all-over leather look back in Brooklyn. Yes, that's right - not only is Serena van der Woodsen back, but the bomber jacket is also going gangbusters. 

In the olive green leather dress, the blonde beauty shows more her other side: a child of the privileged Upper East Side. Elegant and cool, she presents herself on the balcony, where she is photographed by paparazzi. 

Enough about Serena's return - because more and more news about Queen B's breakup from long-term boyfriend Nate Archibald are reaching me. What's the secret behind it? You will find out soon enough. 

You know you love me!

XOXO, Gossip Girl 💋


Published in November 2022 
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