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The Manhattan of Italy - Ciao Milano!
Recently, you were introduced to Vienna's unique flair through our last Fashion Diaries article. Today, we're taking you to a metropolis in Europe that has something for everyone. Whether you're a fan of art and architecture, foodies and gourmets or fashion lovers, Milan has something for everyone.

Would you like to visit one of Europe's most impressive fashion metropolises? We take you on a glamorous journey to Bella Italia full of fashion, art and Italian flair! 🇮🇹

Dear Diary,

Milan can be described in three words: charm, culture, and fashion.
The city is no longer gray and boring, but vibrant and colorful. As I gaze out the window, I see the picture-perfect alleys with Milan's beautiful buildings every day. Every day here is like a vacation!

Milan has much to offer, from magical evenings on the Naviglio Grande to a tour of the Teatro alla Scala and a glimpse of Da Vinci's famous "Last Supper" in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. However, Milan's main attraction remains Milan Cathedral - if you're in Milan, you can't miss this imposing cathedral. Tomorrow I will climb the 150 steps and enjoy the beautiful view from the roof. Right next door you will find another famous attraction: The magnificent, impressive Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping arcade. It houses numerous luxury stores, but also Camparino, one of Italy's most famous cafés, serving the most delicious Camparis in town.

Known as the fashion capital of the world, what could be more enjoyable than a shopping tour in Milan? Even outside of the famous mall, there are countless boutique stores offering the latest styles and fashion trends. I especially love going to NEW YORKER. This is where I found the perfect outfit for my next Instagram post. At Galleria Vittorio Emanuele I showed off the combination of white wide leg pants, white t-shirt and white bag.

The dreamy Brera district also provides a wonderful photo setting. It is full of charming alleys with ice cream bars, cafes, restaurants and boutiques. The first time I strolled through the district, holding a delicious gelato and admiring the lovely houses, I knew: this is pure Italy!
Here we also took some photos, the look of my friend consists of an open shirt with a white basic t-shirt, cargo pants and sneakers from NEW YORKER and looks trendy and cool, but also matches perfectly with my outfit. Our looks give off nothing but summer vibes in typical Italian style.

For new outfit inspiration, Milan Fashion Week takes place twice a year and can be followed on video screens at various locations around the city. Fashion lovers, this is a highlight!
Milan is not only a fashion metropolis for me, but also a city full of culture and charm, the Italian flair of the city is incomparable and unforgettable. The perfect city to collect unique memories!

Ciao and see you soon!

Xoxo, C.♥

P.S. Next week you'll get insider tips on Prageue both here and on Instagram at @newyorkeronline. Feel free to check back for more travel and fashion insiders.

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Published in May 2023 
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