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Facts about the Czech Republic - Home of 58 NEW YORKER Stores
The Czech Republic is known for its castles, chateaux and local beer. Approximately 10.7 million Czechs live on almost 79,000 km². It is considered as a very young country, as the Czech Republic has only been an independent country since 01.01.1993. Before that it was joined with Slovakia, as Czechoslovakia. We will now show you what else this country has to offer!
Beer? Pivo!
If you think that the Germans drink a lot of beer with a consumption of about 101 litres per person, per year, the Czechs top that! With 162 litres per person, they are world champions in annual beer consumption. 

The Church of the Bones
The Sedletz Ossarium is located in Sedletz, a town east of Prague. Here the bones of 10,000 people who were victims of the plague and the crusades have been used to decorate and furnish a church. The deaths from the plague and the crusades resulted in around 40,000 people who were buried on this site. The highlight of the church: The chandelier is supposedly decorated with every bone of the human body. 

Agoraphobic alley:
n Prague there is a small alley only 50cm wide. It is so narrow that pedestrians are not able to pass each other. To remedy this there is a pedestrian traffic light at both ends of the alley. So, those who suffer from claustrophobia should better look for another route!