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Kaliméra ☀

After a week in Greece, I finally feel like I have been able to unwind. I am calmer and the stress of everyday life no longer exists. It's a shame that you only get to pay more attention to your needs when you're on vacation. Perfectionism, deadlines and pressure make sure that you lose yourself a little bit and withdraw more and more. That's why I'm using my short time off to make five resolutions that I want to implement both here and at home. Maybe they will help you too!


My most important rule on vacation is to live more in the moment. Unfortunately, I rarely managed to do that in the past. I was always afraid of missing something. That's why I try to put my cell phone aside with a clear conscience now - what a relief! It has been a week after my mini detox, and I can only rave about it! The best part: You have so much more time to invest in other things that make you happy. 


Who am I? Who do I want to be? How do I get there? These questions have been with me since last week. Nothing is impossible if you approach something with conviction and passion. That's exactly what I have been trying to tell myself, so I've created a bucket list of all the things I want to accomplish. I think it gives my life a deeper meaning. Do you know that feeling when you get a tingle in your stomach when you think about your dreams? Whether it's a year abroad, an athletic goal, or your dream job, nothing tops that feeling like being on top of the world.


What would life be without challenges? For example, I have an insane fear of heights and I have never jumped into the ocean because of it. Just the idea already sends shivers down my spine. But I don't want to spend my life in fear anymore. Who knows how many opportunities I will miss in the future just because my fear is preventing me to live my full life? So, I actually did it! I really had to push myself out of my comfort zone, but it was so much fun. Courage makes you confident and I believe that if you can overcome your fears, you can overcome anything. 


Probably my most important point: enjoy life! Sophia and I unfortunately don't see each other often in our everyday lives and spending time here with her shows how good it feels to have your best friend with you. Our deep talks on the beach are unbeatable and the stories we tell each other have often made our stomachs hurt from laughter. It's so important to keep these little moments in our everyday lives and make time for them. We don't have to function, we have to live. And here we live! We swim, we relax, we hike, we talk, we enjoy good food and take full advantage of every day. Carpe Diem, as the saying goes. And every day is worth living. 


Admittedly, I'm not following my "go offline" resolution completely yet, but maybe I don't have to. After all, I've realized how much fun it is to shoot TikToks! We try out the latest trends, no matter how funny we look. In addition to social media, there's also the offline version: my Polaroid camera is at the start, of course. I'm currently making a vacation album, which will forever remind me how precious my time in Paros was. We don't have to record every moment with the camera, but we do have to collect memories. Then we have a good chance to store and keep them in our heart. 
With that in mind, go out and do something today that you've always wanted to do but have been waiting for the "perfect" opportunity!

See you next week, yours Olivia 💙
Published in July 2022 
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