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With these 4 tricks you can turn camping into glamping
Sleeping on the hard ground, musty tents, ravioli from a can - in the past, camping had a lot to do with doing without. Goodbye comfort, goodbye convenience. But those days are over since the "glamping" trend came along! With a few simple steps, you can bring a feeling of real luxury to your campsite and mobile home. You can even take mobile high-speed WiFi with you on your vacation to plan your itinerary or stream under the stars! Vacationing in a camper van or tent is more popular this year than it has been for a long time: According to a Forsa survey, almost one in three vacationers (29 percent) among 18- to 44-year-olds wants to travel in this way. But even when vacationing this way, it is nice to have some luxuries! Of course, you can now rent so-called "glamping" accommodations. But they are often disproportionately more expensive. When spending the night on four wheels or under a roof, just make sure you have style and a bit of extravagance yourself!

4 tricks for a camping vacation in a class of its own

Bed like a camping king
Sleeping is half the vacation! That's why you should make sure you have a good night's sleep. More comfortable than simple foam insulation mats are self-inflating mats that can be folded away to save space after use. Or how about an inflatable mattress so you don't have to lay your sleeping bag on the hard ground in the tent? If using camp beds, they become more comfortable with a mattress topper. If the nights are too chilly in the living room or tent, wireless heating decks and cushions can help. A nap during the day is best taken in a hammock between rough trees.

Rugs make you feel good on vacation
Sometimes it's the little extras that have a big effect. Take a couple of rugs with you on your camping vacation: thin woven rugs with eye-catching patterns and colors (find them under the heading "tent rugs"). In the tent or living room, they provide a nice feeling - especially when getting up.

Romantic illumination in front of the motorhome and in the tent
It doesn't always have to be a bonfire. For a great atmosphere in the evening you can also use battery operated fairy lights or solar lanterns – and with minimal effort! Solar lamps are available as foldable displays that take up very little space in luggage. Simply leave them in a sunny place during the day, and the lights will shine for a long time in the evening. You can hang the lights directly in the tent, which can create a cosy atmosphere.

Meal Prep meets natural decoration
Make the first batch of grilled meat before you leave (it will stay fresh in the cooler) and prepare your meals by storing them in jars (e.g. salad, rice dishes). To spice up the camping kitchen, pour different seasonings into empty mini-marmalade jars before your trip. Set the table and decorate the evening table with accessories from the surrounding area: pine cones, flowers or shells. That's easily ten points for outdoor dining!