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Why it is best to eat a banana every day
That bananas are tasty and healthy is nothing new. We explain what exactly they do for the body and the benefits of putting the power fruit on the daily menu.
Bananas cause constipation - a myth that has been around for a long time, but is now finally refuted. And despite their relatively high nutritional value, there is virtually nothing to be said against eating a banana every day, but there are countless arguments in favour.

1. Bananas are good for digestion
Bananas contain a lot of pectin, a dietary fibre that supports a functioning digestion. The fact that they also help with diarrhoea is due to their magnesium and above all potassium content. Digestive problems are often caused by a lack of nutrients. This is why it is also recommended to eat a banana every day to prevent muscle cramps.

2. Bananas can help against stomachache
And bananas also provide a reliable remedy for complaints one floor "higher", i.e. in the stomach. Bananas are a soft and drug-free solution for heartburn and similar acid-related stomach complaints. This is not least due to their starch content. The banana pulp wraps itself like a protective film around the irritated stomach lining, relaxes the digestive tract and has a positive effect on the acid-base balance.

3. Eating bananas makes you feel good
It is well known that after the climax you feel relaxed and satisfied - an effect that can also be produced by eating bananas. Bananas contain a large amounts of dopamine, which also has a mood-lifting effect.

4. Bananas provide quick energy
Their mentioned dopamine content also makes bananas the perfect snack for athletes. Without burdening the stomach, they effectively ward off small attacks of hunger. The combination of natural fructose and soluble fibre provides the body with quickly available energy that lasts for a while. By the way, the glycaemic load of bananas is also moderate, which is why the blood sugar level after consumption - contrary to what one might fear when hearing the keyword "fruit sugar content" - does not jump up and drop again, but remains stable.

5. Bananas can prevent diseases
The potassium contained in bananas is also essential for heart health. The potassium-sodium ratio of bananas therefore has a positive effect on blood pressure and improves blood circulation. Bananas are also said to "eat away" the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's. Researchers at South Korea's Gyeongsang National University have also found out that bananas (like oranges and apples, by the way) contain a substance that reduces oxidative stress. 

Another good reason to eat a banana every day? Every day you get a new peel, which is perfect for skin and dental care.

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