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Autumn wreath making - 2 DIY ideas
Making an autumn DIY wreath is a welcome activity for late summer weekends. The materials you need can easily be found in your own garden, on your balcony or on an autumn walk. Anything that you like and dries well can be used.
Fruits and late blossoms are now blooming in the garden. Just the right time to bring some natural colours into the house and preserve them for the dark days. With these materials and a little bit of money you can make your own DIY autumn wreath. No matter whether it's bright red rosehips, tangy mint, heather, pine cones, sea buckthorn, golden quinces or fragrant cypress - whatever you can find and is suitable for drying you can use. You can then add a few twigs of hazel or flowers from the florist. Heather is particularly suitable as a voluminous base for the wreath.
Variant 1: Making an autumn wreath from fruits
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The required materials: Quinces, fir cones and chestnuts are good essentials for the wreaths. The classic wreaths made of autumn fruits are very easy to make. They look especially beautiful when you hang different wreaths together. You can use anything from woods and gardens that you like pine cones, nuts, mini apples, quinces, rose hips, chestnuts or acorns.
These are the tools you need: a drill to make holes through the nuts and fruit. Then you can thread them like pearls on a necklace. Drill with a thin wood drill, a thick florist wire, wire cutter and cloth/yarn.
The handicraft instructions: Carefully make holes through the desired fruits, nuts or pine cones with the drill. Then thread a wire through the holes and connect into a complete loop. The ends of the wire are then knotted together and wrapped with some cloth. With left over cloth you can knot a loop for hanging up. If you would like to use the wreaths just as a table decoration, simply tie the remaining cloth into a ribbon. Make wreaths from fruits, cones and nuts - looks beautiful and smells great!
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Photo: Getty Images
Variant 2: Autumn wreath made of flowers

Twigs, flowers and above all heather form the basis for a DIY wreath.
The necessary materials: from the garden or from the roadside: heather, mint, sea buckthorn, cypress, ivy, stone crops, hydrangea, thyme, goldenrod, chrysanthemum, medlar, and rosehips; options from the florists: artificial flowers, Gypsophila, Thistle, Chinese lantern plants, wax flowers or Tasmania Mountain Berries..
These are the only tools you need: you only need a few tools for making your own autumn wreath out of flowers. Fine binding wire, thick florist or copper wire, wire cutters, scissors, optional: ribbon or yarn.
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The handicraft instructions: Cut flowers and branches to one length first. Then form a ring with a diameter of about 20 cm from the wire. Then bind the different flowers into two miniature bouquets. These are wrapped with the fine wire and fixed to the ring with the ends of the wire. It makes sense to use one type e.g. heather, throughout, so that the autumn wreath has a consistent base. Then place the bouquets closely together and twist them tightly together until the ring is completely covered. Larger fruits and flowers such as thistle can best attached with wire afterwards. The finished wreath can be attached to a nail on the door or wall or placed on the table as a decoration. It is quite simple. Small mini-bouquets of heather and other twigs, fix them to the wire ring – done!