"Peace, Love and Freedom" seems more important than ever today and it is time to make a fashion statement. The 70s are back!
The seventies were not only the time of “Love and Peace”, but also the time of rebellion. According to the motto "Back to the future" the 70s are huge in 2020. The decade was characterised by a variety of fashion trends, with the most influential styles being: disco, rock, hippie and folklore. Even today cult pieces like flared pants can be combined with rough leather jackets with fringes. What should not be missing in any case are high-waisted designs and materials such as cord and suede. As diverse as the 70s were, you can prove yourself in 2020 with a wide variety of looks. Combining a blazer with simple flared trousers will bring the Seventies Spirit to the office. Add gold and metallic as a final touch to your outfit.

Published in January.

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