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Adventure awaits
Escape for a Day
You've had enough of rainy weather and need some time off? Say no more! How about a daydream trip to warm Portugal? The Algarve boasts 3,000 hours of sunshine and 300 days of sunshine a year - perfect for any sun worshipper among you. Get 4 stunning wallpapers for your smartphone now, with positive vibes guaranteed, and enjoy a little trip through Portugal's most beautiful beaches.

The beautiful Praia do Amado beach is located at the south-western tip of the country. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal and is especially appealing to surfers, who have a good chance of catching the perfect wave there. If surfing is not your thing, you will also find a turquoise, calm sea and a breath-taking scenery at Praia da Marinha. The limestone rocks that surround the beach are unique and the crystal clear water invites you to snorkel. Another tip is Praia de Estudantes, which translates as "student beach", located near the historic city of Lagos. There is much to discover here if you have a fondness for beach walks. Whether it is small rock caves or tunnels, there is definitely more to enjoy than just the beautiful sea. By the way, the scenery is also ideal as a photo spot for your Instagram feed or simply as a memory for cold days.

If you're already missing the beautiful weather and carefree hours on the beach, we'll help you out with these beautiful pictures from the picturesque Algarve. 

How to? 💡
You can easily save the background to your desktop by clicking on it with the right mouse button. Also for mobile version, you can easily save it in your photos and set it as wallpaper.

Have fun downloading them! 🌞

Published in September 2022