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Sometimes we lose the good when we look for the better. But we should rather focus on the essentials in life. What are you grateful for today?
We are grateful for the trend comeback of the 70s. The casual black flared pants in our Outfit of the Week. At that time, they were considered a trend of the hippie movement. Today, it is impossible to imagine a fashion eye-catcher without them. A cute black crop top and the outfit is ready. Depending on the occasion, you can style up the flared pants with some high heels or you can create a casual look by adding some white sneakers. 

What will your outfit with the flare pants look like?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase the items shown here due to the closure of Corona in some countries. Even more reason for us to look forward to welcoming you back to our stores soon!

Published in April 2021
Products may not be available in all our stores