NEW YORKER Lions win German Bowl XLI
In a tough, physical battle against the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, the NEW YORKER Lions win the German Bowl title with a 10: 7 victory.
With a crowd of almost 21,000 looking on in the stands along with a huge international viewing audience  at the Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena, the NEW YORKER Lions defeated the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns on Saturday, October 12, 2019 with 10-7 (0-0; 0-0; 10-0; 0-7). This win concludes a successful season and carries the title of the German championship for the twelfth time in their club's history. It was a duel of two opponents, which achieved series-wise touchdowns during the season and are among the most attacking of the football league.
The NEW YORKER Lions broke open a 0-0 halftime deadlock, after they clearly came better out of the cabin, scoring a touchdown on their first second half possession, adding a field goal later in the third quarter to seal the win. The Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns continued to struggle in the attack, as they kept beating the pressure and strong defense of the NEW YORKER Lions. Schwäbisch Hall scored a touchdown with under two minutes left but never saw the ball after that.
In the last quarter of the game, the Lions gave away excellent points by penalties and another missed field goal, this time from 40 yards away. This seemed to awaken forces at the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns which set to move the ball to the connection in the direction of the Lions end zone. 
Shortly before the end it got exciting again. For the Unicorns, quarterback Jadrian Clark still could not get the Unicorns offense untracked and this played into the hands of the tough, Braunschweig ball control offense. The next drive by the Lions may have only been for 22 yards, but in nine plays it ate up over five and a half valuable minutes of playing time.
By the time the Unicorns got the ball back, they had to hurry. Clark was finally able to put together a sustained drive, moving his team 79 yards in nine plays, down to the Lions two. He connected with Joshua Haas and Schwabisch Hall crept closer, 10-7.
But Tissi Robinson on the NEW YORKER Lions’ side responded to the unicorns' onside kick attempt, securing his team's crucial right to attack: three moves from the Braunschweiger attack and a run by Brandon Connette later and the Lions had reached first down. This allowed them eat up the final minute and forty seconds easily and the NEW YORKER Lions could secure their twelth German Football League title.
It was an exciting finale, in which finally the NEW YORKER Lions regained the trophy they had held for four straight years, knocking off the defending champion Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns. Thus, they remain champions of the GFL continue to extend their lead. Furthermore, they finish the GFL season 2019 loss-free and create a perfect season with 17 wins in 17 games. The most valuable player in the German Bowl XLI (MVP) was the Leading Rusher of the GFL 2019, Christopher McClendon.
At the official championship celebration in Braunschweig on Sunday, October 21, 2019, the NEW YORKER Lions celebrated their magnificent victory at the German Bowl XLI together with their fans.
We congratulate the NEW YORKER Lions on their outstanding performance and their title win!