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Bienvenue à la ville de l'amour ❤
Are you ready for summer and city trips? Our Fashion Diaries are just for you! Our influencers will present you not only the most famous places in Europe, but also some hidden treasures that can't be found in every travel guide. 

We start our journey in Paris, known for its romantic atmosphere, historical landmarks and unique cuisine and of course the perfect outfit for your own trip to Paris!

Join us on a trip around the world and discover new places, cultures and of course the perfect outfit for your own Paris trip! Time to collect new memories! 🇫🇷

Dear Diary,

My life in Paris feels like something out of a picture book: the smell of fresh croissants in the morning, the view of the Eiffel Tower when opening the curtains and the overall French flair overwhelm me every day. There is so much to discover in the city of romance, art and fashion that I can't list everything. Today I'll tell you about my personal insider tips.

My absolute favorite is the terrace of the Tout Paris restaurant on the Cheval Blanc roof. Here I enjoy the most impressive view of the Seine while having a coffee. In the evening after dinner, you can enjoy the most delicious cocktails here, too. Paris is not only bustling and busy, but also quiet and peaceful. For art lovers, there is the Musée Andre Jacquemart near many other cool spots. When I want to take a step back, I sit down with my book on one of the benches on the bridge of L'Ile Saint Louis. The people walking by always catch my attention; I love the diversity of the passersby and their outfits. 

I got inspired by the city and its people and found my stylish Paris travel outfit at NEW YORKER: breezy, comfortable and stylish. With the combination of a t-shirt, high-waist shorts, sandals and accessories I'm dressed appropriately for every location and I feel like a real Parisian. I love the interplay of green and black. It's totally chic, yet exciting and not boring at all.

I'll also check NEW YORKER for my next destination to find my new favorite look.

I would recommend a trip to Paris to anyone who asks me to be enchanted by the French flair and the charm of the city.
Keep you updated!
xoxo, J. ♥

 P.S. make sure you also check out the fashion diaries from the other cities! You'll get insider tips on Vienna both here and on Instagram at @newyorkeronline. Maybe that will be my next travel destination...

Published in May 2023 
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