What am I gonna wear today? By rocking an all-black outfit, you can appear both incredibly cool and elegant.
The "little black dress" is a real classic of the fashion world - an elegant black dress that is timeless and fits every occasion. Your saving grace if you are once again at a loss in front of the wardrobe and you have no idea what to wear. Unlike other colours, black has the power to project both elegance and edginess. This winter, all-black looks are absolutely A-list approved, as you can see them on celebrities and fashionistas everywhere now. Black leather styles, whether a jacket or skirt, bring some variety to your look. Even sweaters can look elegant when worn with an all-black outfit. Simply select an oversized style to nail the look. The best thing about the timeless “trend colour” is that it suits everyone and is flattering to your figure. In addition, black can be easily combined with all colours. Still no outfit for the next party? Then you are guaranteed to find it here:
Published in January 2020

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