Your outfit isn’t complete without a handbag. Thanks to new silhouettes and styles, we’ll gonna have a varied bunch of bags to choose from. We’ll show you the new handbag trends to keep your eyes on.
There have never been so many handbag trends as we have witnessed for 2019 so far. From maxi to micro, from bast to plastic and from saddle to crossbody bags. Good news is, most of these trends are here to stay. We only have to say goodbye to bast bags until next summer. Mini bags remain a thing this season. After all, these little companions are too cute to keep in your closet anyway. Animal print has already had its appearance on dresses, blouses and shoes. Now bags are taking over. Thanks to snake or croc-effect bags, we take a walk on the wild side of fashion. Well, this is why those bags better be chained up! Eventually chain-strap bags are trending now. Belt bags are still cool for the upcoming months. During winter, you'll be thankful your bag is securely strapped to your waist, so your hands can remain deep in your warm jacket's pockets. Plus, they are a good alternative to crossbody bags.

When you see these handbags, you’ll be bagging for more. It's time to add to your collection!

Published in September

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