Let’s get loud! The neon trend is here to stay and will definitely brighten up this summer season. Here's how to wear it in the upcoming months.
Fluorescent shades already hit the fashion scene last year and those of us who thought the “in-your-face look” was nothing more than a passing trend, are about to be proven wrong. Lime green, blinding yellow, extra hot pink and flame orange are literally everywhere now on fashion shows, runways and Instagram feeds. Especially accessories are getting involved in the neon business now, because they are perfect for beginners. Still not sure? Don’t roll your eyes, neon isn’t about a techno revival. Wearing it the right way, you won’t be looking like a sad marker pen. Choose your color right so you won’t be looking pale and sick. If you have a fair complexion, wear some cold neon shades like green or yellow. With a darker complexion, orange and pink will suit you well. Don’t be afraid of some color in your daily wardrobe: a little neon never killed nobody! You won’t need more evidence proving that the trend is going to be sticking around for a while.
Published May 2019

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