Curiosities and facts about Denmark - Home of four NEW YORKER Stores
In Denmark we are currently represented by a total of four branches: In Odense, in Kolding, in the capital Copenhagen and in Hillerod on the Danish island of Zealand. Below we list some interesting facts about Denmark:
Did you know that almost all the 5.8 million Danes jump into the new year on New Year's Eve instead of sliding? Because in return for pouring lead, the Danes jump off a chair or armchair just before midnight. According to tradition, this is supposed to bring luck for the New Year. Before that, on New Year's Eve, you can listen the speech from the Queen of Denmark. Did you know: the Danish Monarchy is the oldest monarchy in Europe. The Danish royal family has ruled the country for over 1.000 years.
Way of Life
In Denmark you live life "hyggelig". Hygge is the core of the Danish way of life and means well-being, life satisfaction and warmth. The good and beautiful things in life are comfortably enjoyed to the full with your loved ones. Of course, hours of cosy eating and drinking with friends and family is also part of hygge. Perhaps this is why Denmark is ranked second in the World Happiness Report 2020, right after Finland. 
Denmark has many miles of coastline
In fact, no place in Denmark is further than 52 kilometres from the sea! Denmark also has over 400 islands, of which only about 80 are inhabited at all. Just a short trip to the sea is no problem for the Danes.