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The sweetness of doing nothing
The Italian phrase Dolce Far Niente is our summer motto. In simpler terms, it is the sweet art of doing nothing and is therefore ideal for the warm season.

This includes chilling in the sun, relaxing by the water and cruising the area with a Vespa. All you need are our latest it-pieces to look trendy while relaxing - so you don't miss out on the latest trends.


Goodbye everyday life and Ciao Italia! A Vespa lets you start your journey with a sense of freedom. Who wouldn’t like to explore the picturesque landscape with THE typical Italian speedster and stop for gelato?

Matching is a cool green jumpsuit. As a result, nothing slips and you are appropriately dressed for any occasion. Large sunglasses should not be missing. White and beige tones are particularly suitable for boys. This makes the outfit look casual and elegant at the same time. A wristwatch that matches the outfit is a practical and good companion.


For a relaxed coffee date, a classic jumpsuit in delicate rose is recommended. Due to its airy and comfortable feel, the one-piece is an absolute must-have in any wardrobe. In addition, it flatters the figure and lends a feminine touch. To round off the timeless and elegant look perfectly, a bright lipstick is recommended, which contrasts beautifully with the delicate pink. Lastly, a chain finishes everything off.


Right now, beige is the color of choice. Similar to white, the colour is a true all-rounder – with this shade you are always good to go. Furthermore, the combination of white and beige is a hit! No matter which color variation you choose, you will always be an absolute eye-catcher. Matching accessories such as cool sunglasses, earrings and other jewelry enhance your look and give your outfit a unique touch. You're currently on a journey, basking in the warm rays of the sun.


Even in summer, you can't look wrong with the classic all-black look. If you rock this style with your partner, it gets a lot cooler. Whether dining in a restaurant, dancing or at a party, with special accessories, the look suits every situation. Gold necklaces and earrings as well as a glitter bag complete the look. You can also use black in combination with simple basics. Light jeans give the look a stylish touch and provide a fascinating contrast effect. With this look you are both casual and elegant on the go.


All aboard! How about a romantic date on the water?

Let it float and enjoy the moment. An airy and colorful summer dress is suitable for this. You are protected from the wind by the long sleeves, which cover your arms. A bag in the same tone is a suitable companion to the bright orange. Combined with a statement sunglasses for you and your date, you are well equipped for an extensive sailing trip.


Lying in the sun and enjoying the day – you can do it perfectly by the sea. The sun shines on the water and shines in the prettiest colors. With our new It-Pieces you are relaxed, but also stylish. How about a classic black look? With a long skirt and a lace top, you'll also be airy. You're ready to glow in the sun.


Still looking for a cool look on hot summer days?

How about a high-neck top in green? Summer is the perfect time to wear this colorful shirt, as it instantly puts you in a good mood. Green always attracts everyone's attention. It can be styled well with dotted fabric shorts because of the special cut of the upper. Large black sunglasses and gold creoles provide glamour.


What could be better than ending the day with a relaxing walk by the sea at sunset?

A beautiful summer dress should not be missed. A floral print gives you a playful and romantic look that fits perfectly with the season. Combined with elegant heels and trendy accessories, you are perfectly styled for a wonderful evening - whether alone or in the company of your loved one. This one shines in a classic outfit in white and beige tones next to you. Together you will become an enchanting couple who enjoy sunset vibes by the sea to the fullest.

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Published in June 2023
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