EASY AS 1-2-3!
The summer vacation is just around the corner and your beach body isn't ready for bikini or swimsuit yet? We show you three simple exercises that will make you last minute fit!
Gym is not your thing? Home, sweat, home is the motto! You can easily work on your new dream body at home. Former professional tennis player and fitness expert Katharina Lehnerthas three quick exercises for you, so no more excuses! All you need are dumbbells and maybe a sports mat - a cool sports outfit is of course a must! 
Important for all exercises:
  • 12 repetitions per page
  • 3-4 passes
  • slow and controlled movement 
  • Make sure that you breathe regularly during the exercises and do not hold your breath!

You see? It wasn't too wild! We asked Katharina what other tips she had for us. Here are their top three fitness hacks for everyday use:

  • Many more routes on foot! If possible, park the car a little further away and enjoy a short walk in the fresh air before work or school.
  • The classic: Instead of an elevator, take the stairs!
  • In the evenings when watching TV during the commercial breaks, do not switch immediately, but use the small breaks in between for easy yoga or stretching exercises.
Published July 2018 
Products may no longer be available.
Published July 2018 
Products may no longer be available.