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Dopamine Dressing
The days are finally getting longer and our spirits are rising - the latest fashion trend for 2022 is just right: dopamine dressing. Our outfits should not only underline our character, but also release an extra portion of the happiness hormone dopamine thanks to skilfully used color combinations. After the dreary winter months, we all need this fashion boost! 

In itself, the feel-good look is very easy. Wear what makes you happy! Color blocking, i.e. the combination of expressive colors, is particularly suitable for this. Black was yesterday, today you wear colorful! It doesn't matter whether it's pink, orange, green, yellow or blue - everything that's fun is allowed. The louder, the better. This not only makes you happier, you are too. 

Prepare for summer with our styles and activate your happy hormones!

Published in April 2022 
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