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Even in the current situation we should not lose sight of keeping fit and healthy. A balanced diet and physical activity remain important in these times. But where can we go if the gym is not an option?
On Romans Personal Coaching in-the-office edition you will find different exercises showing how to stretch and exercise your body from home! A training plan devised specifically for the needs of those who spend their day-to-day life in an office and are plagued with the associated pains, such as shoulder and neck tension and / or pain in the lumbar spine. You don't need any special equipment or extensive fitness experience for this training plan. It is completely tailored  for working out in your own 4 walls and includes explanations, a stretching routine and a strength and cardio workout.
You can download it as a PDF using the following links:


Decide for yourself when you train - as long as you do it from home!

Published in November