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Fifty Shades of Halloween
Goodbye Money Heist, The Incredibles and the Joker! The new generation of series and movie characters is here and will find its place as your Halloween costume. All the clothing you need can be found in our stores, so get inspired by our scary styles!
There's probably no getting around the Netflix series "Squid Games" this fall and especially this Halloween! The red warden suits or green player outfits can be restyled easily and without much effort. 

And if you're looking for the perfect couple costume for you and your partner, we've got a cool idea for you, too. As a prom queen with an accompanying teen wolf, you'll provide that certain amount of glamour but also envy, because everyone can see right away that you two are a true dream team.

The 90s reunion doesn't only take place in the form of the latest outfit trends, but also on Halloween. If you're looking for the perfect group costume, the Addams Family is a good cue. With characters centered around Morticia, Gomez, Fester, Pugsley and Wednesday Addams, you'll become the unbeatable horror squad where everyone gets their money's worth. 
How about more classic trendy outfits? As an alien, mummy or zombie, you can conjure up a low-budget costume that will still make you a head-turner! Just make sure to add cool highlights like a colorful wig, body colors, or strong makeup. 
And if you're really last minute, the horror clown always does the trick! The eerie sight of the wide grin and bloodshot eyes just sends a cold shiver down anyone's spine. Try it out for yourself!
What will you choose? Visit our store and find the perfect essentials for your Halloween party on Sunday! 💀

Speaking of Halloween parties, take advantage of the ghoulish hour to enter our competition! We're looking for your spookiest TikTok videos or Instagram pics. The prizes are NEW YORKER vouchers for your next outfit - it's worth taking part!
You can find all the detailed information and conditions of participation in our previous article ➡

Good Luck! 🎃

Published in October 2021
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