Some fashion trends never go out of style. Just like denim, but even something as historic and steadfast as denim isn’t immune to the passing of time and the changing of tastes. Real pros wear double denim these days!
It was once the case that wearing double denim was a cardinal style sin. Today times have changed and done right, you can definitely make it work. For sure, double denim isn’t the easiest trend to pull off, but it’s possible! What’s new is that you can keep your denim shades and style different, but you should be aiming for contrast here. Dark denim shades are a major thing this season; in this case, you can still rely on matching your top and bottom half. Denim shorts are a good option during summer and you can wear the look in different shades, too. 

Whether as jeans, jacket, shirt or shorts – denim will forever reign as a classic fashion statement and it permeates every part of menswear!
Published April 2019

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